IAM Scientific Develops Technologies and Manufactures Instruments that Advance Scientific Discovery


IAM Scientific aims to develop transformative technologies, instruments, and services that advance scientific discovery and improve health and well-being.

We develop new technologies that push the cutting edge of science to improve and advance our understanding of the world around us. Our focus is on technologies pertaining to micro- and nano-scale disciplines.


IAM Scientific houses a machining facility capable of manufacturing and prototyping miniature precision parts. Our experience in this field enables us to consistently find efficient solutions for making these often difficult-to-machine parts with high precision and accuracy.

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IAM Scientific is home to Lightdeck Labs, a technology and business incubator where groundbreaking innovators can create new technologies and businesses that change the way we live and work by solving highly compelling problems.

Lightdeck Labs aims to advance innovation by lowering the barrier to entry and expedite the time to market for entrepreneurs and early-stage companies that are working on breakthrough next-generation technologies.

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